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As most know by now, there has been terrifying news of recent attacks of women in Bushwick. Though the number of occurrences seem to vary depending on which source you read, there is no denying the seriousness of this matter. Of course the typical rules of safety need to be followed by residents of the hood: travel in groups, be wary of your surroundings, don't going wandering around wasted in the middle of the night, and so on. We at the Bushwick Dream would also suggest taking some ass-kicking lessons. Luckily there are a number of places that provide self defense courses in the vicinity. Just blocks away from the area of the recent attacks are two studios; one that teaches Traditional Okinawan Karate and another, Ving Tsun Kung Fu. Ladies, study up and if anyone ever messes with you, knock them the fuck out.






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It has been quite a while since the Factory Fresh Gallery has opened it's doors to Bushwick. For nearly a year the future of FF, one of the neighborhood's flagship galleries, was up in the air as owner Ali Ha worked to bring the beloved gallery back from the brink (even amid Bushwick Daily's premature and oddly confrontational declaration of the gallery's demise). It is certainly official that we will no longer be able to enjoy FF's street art offerings but now the question is; what will fill the space of the once cultural hub of our neighborhood? Most have assumed that the corner storefront would host yet another trendy bar or restaurant. Happily we can report, that is not the case. At this very moment the location is abuzz with activity as the former gallery takes on it's new role; a full fledge art store! We are very excited it see such an offering in the neighborhood, as they join the ranks of Low Brow Artique to locally supply the tools and supplies for creative expression. These are the types of businesses we need in the hood to keep Bushwick Bushwick.

(photo of the new space, taken under the rolling gate; all ninja style)

UPDATE (11-14-12)

This morning the Factory Fresh Gallery send out an email discussing their current state of affairs:

"As of October 2012, Factory Fresh will no longer host a public space, instead we are working with our artist on a larger global scale. As our artist careers have grown so have their opportunities. We have found they and many other artist need our help to protect their rights and future careers as artists.  Factory Fresh advises and consults corporate clients and private collectors as an advocate for the artists bringing urban art to their collections and projects."

They were also nice enough to include a sneak peek photo of the new art store coming soon:

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Video thanks to local artist and resident Oliver Warden

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Hurricane Sandy is upon us. For those of you hiding indoors from the wind and rain, that still have power, please enjoy some weather related music to go with your booze.(You do have booze, don't you?)


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The grand renovation at Associated Grocery on Knickerbocker has been quite awesome so far, introducing wider isles, a growing selection, growlers, and an overall improvement in atmosphere. It seems that the one thing they are missing so far though is waterproofing. The rainfall yesterday (09-18-12) was quick to prove that, as the brand new roof gave way to water. Giant rifts began appearing in the vaulted ceilings above the produce section and all over the store tiles began drooping and falling out; the floor soon became littered with containers catching the torrents of water falling from above. Somebody better call the contractor!  


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As many of you may already know, Associated Grocery; located on Knickerbocker, is undergoing a major reformation. The interior of the place has already been recently renovated beyond recognition with wider isles, vaulted ceilings, and an ongoing introduction of new products. This is a major step past the initial grocery gentrification they enacted years ago. The most exciting part of the Associated reboot is the introduction of Growlers, and by Growlers we mean large refillable beer containers, as opposed to the Urban Dictionary definition. You can purchase a 64oz Growler there for $5.50 or bring your own. Their beer selection is quite nice and affordable. Happy drinking.

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Northeast Kingdom is getting an overhaul; revamping their kitchen and making room for in-house whole-animal butchering. As one of the first Bushwick fine-dining restaurants, they've always been a forerunner in providing residents with the most exquisite of meals. Remember, when they opened back 2005 (when most of you were in high school) such a venture in this hood was very risky gamble — one that certainly paid off, in that they are among the few that paved the way for the reformation of this neighborhood. Upon their return, we are very excited to see what tasty morsels that plain to come out with next.

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It was a beautiful morning, 75° with the sun shining and a light breeze. I was taking a nice stroll enjoying this great fortune in weather when I came across a man unconscious, sprawled across the sidewalk in an unnatural position on Irving Ave. He was not unkempt; his attire; blue color, his face slack and motionless except an occasional twitch of the eyes. A good samaritan had approached him and gave him a few shakes in a failed attempt to wake him, even going so far as to lift him off the ground and lean him against a fence, again trying to rouse him. The unconscious man simply slouched down and regained  his pose. The good samaritan immediately went to his phone. I passed by concerned but relieved that who ever this man is, he would be getting some help soon.
Half an hour later I passed by the same location, and abandoned still lied the unconscious man, now pushed against the sidewalk; out of the way of foot traffic. Luckily, or so one would think, I immediately spotted a Wyckoff Emergency Services vehicle (pictured above) parked directly around the block on Jefferson Street.  The driver standing outside smoking a cigarette, the other paramedic talking on a cellphone in the cab, with the engine running. I immediately told the one standing outside about the situation and the need for their help. 
The trained EMS driver looks me right in the eye, and says "Where are you from? Around here we just step over those kind of people." Completely appalled, I went on to inform him that I have lived on the block for six years. I was also aware of the local junkie population. This man is not part of it. He looked bad and they should really check him out. The driver, with his indifference still intact relented, and as if it was a joke agreed to give him some attention; to "go wake him up." He gave a flick of his cigarette and got back in to the ambulance.
Forty minutes of idling later, the ambulance finally left its parking spot. It turned right onto Irving Ave., stopped at the light - forty feet from where the man lie motionless, and continued on its way.   At a leisurely pace, it headed back towards Wyckoff Heights Medical Center, as you can see from the picture below (that's the ambulance in the distance, the man in the foreground). The unconcious man remains on the sidewalk. He has been given a bottle of water. 911 has been called, but of course if anyone shows up, they'll probably just step over him.
This is just one example of Wyckoff Hospital's apathetic approach to their duty and human life in general. Try Googling them. And don't ever go there.
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Today the New York Civil Liberties Union came out with their analysis of 2011 Stop-and-Frisks, using the numbers from NYPD's database. It's no surprise that it reveals stop-and-frisks as an ineffectual racially biased practice.
According to the numbers:
- In 33 of 76 precincts black and Latino people accounted for more than 90 percent of stops
- The number of stops of young black men exceeded the entire city population of young black men (168,126 as compared to 158,406)
- Of the 685,724 stops 605,328 were of people who had engaged in no unlawful behavior.
- And on a lighter note, 55,063 people were stopped for possessing a "suspicious bulge"
Obviously the practice of stop-and-frisk is bullshit and rights-infringing. Maybe it's time for the NYPD to stop fishing and trying some actual "police work"
The complete NYCLU findings can be seen HERE
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It looks like Bushwickbk is waking back up. It was a shock to many to see them shut down last October. The website had long been a staple of the community; providing an extensive events list, reliable news, and reviews on nearly everything. At this moment they are raising money to bring that all back for all of us. They have the most amazing and diverse arry of rewards for backers, from art to food to a church pew! Go check it out. Give a bit of money. Its worth it.

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After a bit of neighborhood disapproval over Swallows new mural, it seems that the cafe took heed of neighborhood opinion and yesterday altered the painting, covering over the silly statement "welcome to morgantown". A good call.



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Bushwick, with its thriving art community and ever growing selection of bars and restaurants seems so very safe now-a-days. But nevermind all the magazine write-ups and influx of young artist types, this place is still with its dangers. Case in point, Just today (11-25-11) long time Brooklyn resident Steven Harrington (pictured below) had himself quite a run in. While entering the Jefferson L train stop he was confronted at the top of the stairs by two men in their early twenties, one possessing a gun. While menacing, they made for a fairly bungling pair and Steven was able negotiate his way through the situation, only parting with his cell phone. As you can see he is smiling in his photo. That's because he's alive. Though he made it fairly unscathed it's good to be wary. Go ahead and tell your parents that of course Bushwick is safe but while walking around, watch your ass.

As you can see he is smiling in his photo. That's because he's alive.

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Eat, drink and be merry. And don't go feeling so bad about those turkeys. If given the chance they'd eat you too. Example:

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Those who live off the the L  train will have a special treat during their commute this week. From 8 to 10 am (11/14 – 11/19) riders in the last two cars will have access to a pirate Wi-Fi intranet; the " L Train Notwork" which allows users to share info, photos or simply chat amongst each other. This fun project is brought to us by the good people at  We Make Cool Sh.it and will feature poetry, prose and writing from the writers collective 1441. When you get on the train simply connect to the "notwork" and go to LTrainNotWork.com to join in the excitement.

<span style=

Picture Via 1441.

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Yes it's October and yes it's snowing; a truely great WTF moment for all Bushwick residents. Pity for all the girls and their sexy nurse/police/vampire costumes. They are going to freeze.

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Fact: Nine out every ten dishes ordered in Bushwick will come in a tortilla. We love Mexican, but how much corn can one person take? Bushwick Dream gives you the rundown on your other options for unpretentious ethnic cuisine.

If you thought that the Athom Café was the only Broadway joint catering to francophiles, you’re wrong. Close to the Kosciuszko J stop you’ll find Abidjan, a restaurant whose whose colorful and patriotic awning promises “Bon Manger le Bon Gout” or, Good Food, Good Taste. (Doesn’t everything sound better in French?)
Read More

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The quiet streets surrounding the Halsey Street L can sometimes seem a bit too quiet. Once you pass the gigantic supermarket on Wyckoff and Putnam the shops start to thin out, the passersby seem to disappear and you might find yourself on the sidewalk alone.

Disoriented by the sudden drop in noise pollution and foot traffic, you might seek refuge under the trees of lovely Weirfield Street. Walking along you might come upon a little brick building set against a giant, darkened lot, full of small mountains and machinery that looks like it dates from the Gold Rush. You’ll have one of those all strange, “Wait, a minute, am I still in New York?”-moments as you come face-to-face with the home base of Bushwick’s own Coal King.
Read More

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A curious little shop opened just three days ago at 300 Knickerbocker Avenue. It’s called Second Time Around, and it’s a geek-tweaked mash-up of old and new. Old comic books share the space with jars of “addictive” artisanal salsa, a Cabbage Patch Kid smiles nervously behind a G.I. Joe thermos, and a carefully curated rack of secondhand T-shirts looms over neatly arranged piles of baby clothes. And all over the green and red walls are the riotous, graffiti-like paintings of Bizzid, the camera-shy proprietor.

Bizzid is a long-time Ridgewood resident who opened the shop as a way to supplement his artist’s income. He sells his own work at accessible prices and eventually hopes to carry affordable pieces by other artists. While the shop also carries some general housewares, its collection best reflects Bizzid’s love of cartoons, toys, comics and other things that are “quirky, weird or interesting” and always unique. “It’s almost like this shit seems to find me. People are always giving me strange things.”

The shop’s eclectic mix seems to me ill-served by its pedestrian name. That is, until Bizzid explains that ‘Second Time Around’ was also the name of the antiques shop owned by April O’Neil, the loyal friend of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Ah, now I get it.   

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Imagine this.........

    You're finishing up the end of your work day, looking forward to the three day weekend.  You're dreaming of that ice cold Coors, the perfectly flamed hamburger with ketchup and pickles, that one joint you smoke a year because the company you work for has random drug tests and the spectacular fireworks display........ THEN WHAM!!!!!!!!  It just goes straight down the tubes.




(The scenerio above is fictional, and any similarities to similar events, people or other ridiculousness is purely coincidental and hysterical)



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On summer days Brooklyn turns into Throwback City. The block parties, the front-stoop playgrounds, the gushing fire hydrants--it's like walking through a Helen Levitt picture. Nowadays Bushwick is also looking more like it did in the years B.C. (Before Condos). Never more so than when the gentlemen of the various Puerto Rican bicycle clubs throw open their garage doors. There are at least three different such clubs in Bushwick where middle-aged (mostly male) members congregate over brews and seriously blinged-out vintage bikes. This weekend we encountered the boys of the Pa-La Loma Club on Harman Street. Learn more about the PR bicycle clubs of New York here and here.

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We all know how potentially dangerous the streets of NYC are as motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians alike constantly flaunt traffic laws, but just to further illustrate here is a fantastic video by NYC resident  Ron Gabriel showing the dangerous game we all play.

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Located on 222 Montrose, directly off of the L train stop, The Vortex apparently has seen its last days. According to a craigslist ad the junk store will be opening its doors on Fri, June 10th 2-4pm to give away all of its eclectic mix of books, clothing, and mass collection of knick knacks.  If you are lucky enough to be around and not working this is the perfect chance to gather up some fun goodies for the price of nothing.

Photo from Yelp

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While the walls of this neighborhood are the domain of artists, it is the light polls that are fair game for all and may truely reflect Bushwick and its people.  Treated almost as vertical community boards, these steel columns are where the people go to advertise, connect, share ideas and art, and find that missing cat. Next time you're waiting at that traffic light, just take a look.  You may find something interesting.

Below are a few poles spotting during a short stroll through Bushwick.


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As you may have heard, last night gun shoots rang out on Knickerbocker as an undercover police officer killed a gun trafficker. The NYPD immediately went to work shutting down the surrounding neighborhood. It seems that their first action was to come down on a bbq taking place on Jefferson St., grabbing everyone of Latin persuasion at gunpoint as fellow neighbors scrambled to gather the children of those being detained. Everyone was lined up, thoroughly searched and questioned. After about an hour all were released. No arrests were made.

pissed police

As a side note, while shooting these photos I was grabbed by the police and was told I could not do so without a "license". This is false. In NYC it is legal to take pictures of an officer or a police action at any time, no matter what bullshit they tell you.

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Add yet another name to the list of recent Jefferson L stop start-ups; Cafe Ghia, a European style cafe currently preparing for launch in about a month. Located on the corner of Jefferson St and Irving Ave, this future eatery occupies a space that was formerly a seedy bar providing only warm beer and prostitutes. Now after major renovation and hopefully lots of disinfectant, Cafe Ghia is sure to draw a less stabby crowd with an offering of "artisanal sandwiches, soups and salads, small plates, coffee + accoutrements, house made teas and treats and a curated selection of seasonal wines and rotating draft and bottled beers." Yum.

cafe ghia

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burnt car
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Finally the wait is over. After an almost comical amount of time sitting dormant with fully stocked shelves, Hana Grocery, located on Wyckoff Ave between Star and Troutman, is finally up and running. Open 24/7 with shelves brimming with organic and fancy foods, this little market is sure to be a success despite being a bit pricey by neighborhood standards.



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Todd Bieber needs your assistance. Recently he found a roll of film in the snow at Prospect Park and seeks to return the photos to the original owners. Help a guy help a guy out.

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Twenty seven days into the season, and NYC has already been subjected to a flurry of hard hitting, almost weekly, winter weather. If you're crossing your fingers hoping for clear skies and streets in the near future, good luck. This pattern is going to hold. Expect a next couple of months of very cold temperatures and constant snowfalls, along with the delayed public transportation and trash pickup that comes with it. Get some good boots.

fucking winter

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You have to watch out for those fucking rats.

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Such a bad hospital, even the security is comatose.......See the pictures!
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Still king of the hill.

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Today is 1-1-11. TBD suggests the following hangover cures..... Bloody Mary's at The Pine Box, greasy food at Tina's, or not drinking so damn much.
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Sometimes its hard to find the right last minute gift for that special someone, especially when you're fairly broke. You could always make a gift; something fun and personal that comes straight from your hands and heart, but if you happen to be lazy or untalented here are five decent cheapish gift suggestions.

1. Fisheye, Macro, and Wide Angle Camera Phone Lenses from Photojojo.

Take that tiny camera on nearly any cellphone and go pro with these crazy lenses. They pop on using a magnet and tah dah, fantastic photos. $40 for a set of all three.

2. Anything at McNulty's Tea & Coffee

If you know a tea or coffee snob, McNulty's is where you should be heading. If you can brew it they have it and at a decent price too. Located at 109 Christopher St. (between Bleecker and Hudson)

3. Monotron by Korg

It may be debatable whether this handheld analoge ribbon synthesisor is an instrument or a toy, but it is surely fun to play with for hours and could easly become the cornerstone of any noiseband's performance. $60.

4. HEATTECH clothes from UNI QLO

You've seen the ads in the subway trains and its no joke. This stuff is from the future. The fabric is ultra light, comfortable and surprisingly warm. Its cold outside. Some people could use this. $19.90 for a long sleeve shirt. Located at 546 Broadway (between Spring and Broome)

5. Ron Abuelo Anejo 7 Anos

Rum is tasty and Ron Abuelo Anejo 7 Anos is a damn fine rum. Its stocked in most liquor stores and is far superiour to anything in its price range, yet oddly remains widely unknown. Go out and spend $20-25 on a bottle and tell people you spent $60. Most will believe you.

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You know the mural, glaring down at pedestrians, perched atop a thrift store on the corner of knickerbocker and flushing. Well, here is a video celebrating smart car's little NYC multi mural ad campaign. The mural in Bushwick was produced by Dylan Fracareta from Pin-Up magazine. If you would like to tell Dylan what you think about the job he did you can contact him at dylan@pinupmagazine.org .

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And enjoy "A Thanksgiving Prayer" by William S. Burroughs.

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Yep.... it's really true. They're putting it at 785 Flushing Ave, across the intersection from HellHole Hospital.... Woodhull, excuse me. Full story here at The Brooklyn Eagle.
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The Pine Box Rock Shop, a new bar on Grattan occupying the space of a former coffin factory, opened its doors last night(10-8) and the masses flocked in. With a nice open interior and a fine selection of beer, this bar is bound to be a contender for the attention of the Morgantown residents. One suggestion, the Lake Placid Ubu Ale; 7%,$5.

pbrs pbrs

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At roughly 2pm today a fire ignited along the side of the Jefferson St. station entrance, burning away at years of trash that has gathered in a gap between the entrance and neighboring building. The FDNY was quick to handle the situation. So far no terrorist organization has laid claim to the blaze.

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On some streets in Bushwick leaving a car unattended is like leaving a penny in a glass of cola. This little yellow car appeared on Jefferson St between Wyckoff and Irving a week ago, its window smashed and stereo removed. Then came the piranhas. The wheels were soon taken and then the hood. Tags began appearing on the cars exterior. The engine was next to go, to be replaced with bags of garbage. Now the front seats are gone along with much of the interior and Scooby Doo sits behind the wheel peering at passer-byers.

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At around 5:30 this afternoon the people of Bushwick were caught off guard by the sudden appearance of a tornado as it tore down the streets bringing howling winds, blinding rain and a wave of debris. Many trees have been torn from the ground. Facades of some buildings have been stripped from their frames. Many of the cars are now pockmarked from the assault of flying objects. It seems that Maria Hernandez Park has suffered the most damage and has been half destroyed.

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Dan sad

The Archive; cafe, movie rental spot and beloved epicenter of Morgantown has been sold. Apparently they have been suffering from financial woes for some time. Its last day open as The Archive will be tomorrow (9-2-10) from 7am-2pm. Get yourself a coffee and say goodbye.

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So you hate Mondays, right? Then why waste a perfectly good Sunday night resting up for a day thats already going to kinda suck? What you do is get a band, a dj, a keg, bbq and British girls with inflatable boxing gloves. You gather that all on your roof and enjoy. Below are photos of a perfectly good example utilizing Maybe the Welders, DJ B-Rad, and PBR: 

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The police are asking help in identifying the two assholes who beat the shit out of a guy in Kennedy Fried Chicken on Knickerbocker, and took his belongings. WATCH THE VIDEO!
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For all you junkies that still love your diesel, it's gonna be little bit harder to find your junk. According to courant.com a gentleman named Arturo Diaz, 47, residing at 370 Bushwick Avenue, apt 2G, and his accomplice Irving Colon, 40, of 264 South 1st st, apt 6A were busted with 4,000 bags of heroin. The cops also seized 2 vehicles, $575 in cash after a shipment arrived in Fairfield, CT. The whole story is here.
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Here is a video of a Die Antwoord photo shoot on Moore St. oddly enough combined with travel footage by Rafael Fuchs.

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Combine: DJ B-Rad, Grilling, Jungle Juice, Fireworks, Awesome people, A rooftop in Bushwick with a view Result:

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If you can't dazzle her with your good looks or brilliance, just talk shit about her boyfriend with a pen in the subway. Idiot.

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Located 1 1/2 blocks from the Jefferson St L train stop.

Justin's Home Hospital - watch more funny videos
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So if you like us, you should LIKE us.
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Who likes mushrooms? No, not the ones that you eat and giggle like schoolgirl, puke and see shit in the future. Just mushrooms, some you've heard of, some maybe you haven't. This guy in Bushwick, Kendall Morrison, 47, is growing them by the boat load. Read the whole story here at The New York Times.
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Someone needs teacherer.

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Granted it's only the second day of April and the high today was about 65, some crazy cats decided to try a dance party complete with DJ. I heard it got moved inside. E on effort.

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Get yours now!

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If anyone has a really long range flame thrower, now may be the time to break it out, and walk over to Jefferson St and Wyckoff ave., look up, aim and put this sorry excuse for a national symbol out of it's misery.

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Missing since her Thursday escape from Woodhull Hospital, This girl is reported as off her meds and seriously disoriented. If you see her, call 339-293-3841 or 978-664-1425.

Brianna Zani: 5' 6", blues eyes, blond hair. For more information go HERE.

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So you better treat him right. Or, he'll do your taxes wrong.

Smooth moves seen at Metro and Graham.

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And it ain't about hipsters! Trailer here.
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This guy fought tooth and nail not be arrested. The first photo showing how damn hard he was fighting. The second is of the five, count 'em five, blue shirts that it took to get him in the car. His friend with his back to the camera was trying to talk some sense into him, but he wasn't hearing it.

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According to the Daily News the police are giving $190,500 to 14 teenagers who claim to be falsely arrested on Myrtle Avenue. They were on a way to a wake for a gang member killed by gang violence. Of course, the cops and the higher brass say there was no wrong doing. Well at least it's nice to see the police just feeling truly altruistic all of the sudden.
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One of Bushwick's finest and funniest natives was born today in 1916. He was born Herbert John Gleason. We know him as "Jackie". He attended PS 73, where the kids today remember him by having no clue who that black and white fat guy is. Here's to you Jackie, I hope you're drinking whiskey and smoking cigars with Sammy Davis, Jr. If you want a more detailed story, you can look here at theThe Brooklyn Eagle.

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Looking for this Israelite...
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Thats right, the Associated Super Market on Knickerbocker, long known for not paying their employees and only stocking their shelves with Goya products has now started sneaking in some hipster friendly foods. Bob Dylan was right, the times they are a-changin'

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A man was robbed on Bushwick ave, according to NY1, on Monday. Take a good look, he may be a neighbor.
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Two teens were apprehended at the Rite-Aid on Knickerbocker for shoplifting today. Four of NYPD's finest arrived to handle the situation. One of the teens were spotted crying. The world is a safer place.

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It happened on Schaefer street. I think that about says it all. If you want to read more the village voice, has a slight bit more.
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Everything was going just fine. The new store on Knickerbocker and Hart was selling and leasing miscellaneous appliances, saying "hi" to the neighborhood, and then, WHAM! This fucking prick of a purple gorilla shows up, starts throwing heavy ass furniture.... and wearing shades, on a clearly overcast day. What a dick.

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The streets are fighting back against the people who upkeep some of it. Apparently (according to ABC) the other night at 3am an underground explosion sent a manhole cover flying through the stale air of Bushwick and nearly killed a Consolidated Edison worker. Found it nyah.
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As reported by The Gothamist....LEAVE!!!!!!!!
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Don't go to work. Build a snowman.

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A man with a BB gun was gunned down in Bushwick for stupidity. He was taken to this hospital. Read about it here.
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Yes thats right. Up until Feb 28th you can go to the lower east side and take a class in exchange for basic goods and services depending on whatever the professor wants; A novel idea indeed brought to you by OurGoods. For class schedules and registration go HERE.
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That is all.
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fun, dark and critical ya know~ It's always the end of the world as we know it i only vote for repent and recycle lol
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So, it's five minutes to 4:00pm and I'm having a quick one and on the tv happens to be ultimate fighting. There's one gentleman whom I believe to be about 6'4", 240ish, Puerto Rican, maybe 42 years of age, and he LOVES the fighting. However, he's going on about how it's okay for one man to kick another man in the nuts. Judging by the looks on the other few people in here, he's the only one. Oh yeah! And, he keeps calling his girlfriend (who's here) "the cunt", and in the 3rd person. I'm soooooo confused. He's also been asking for a ciggarette. He did however say something really funny. The sysco foods truck just pulled up, and he yells "I know this nigga's got a ciggarette, 'cause he's got a depressing fucking job."
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I caught this guy staring in my window after the snowfall. Judging by the Brooklyn Dodgers hat I figure him to be about 95.

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Who the fuck wears a white scarf????

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I understand this isn't Bushwick, but this was too damn funny to not post.

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As seen in previous posts here, this damn pussy has gone from mooching menace to homeless ass sleeping on the bench near The Archive and The Snatch.

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He is missing. His parents are looking for him. For more info go to www.dougmissing.com

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but we don't. The proof is in this package taped to an apartment building wall.

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So somebody saw some random chemicals in a box with a can of paint and decided to call 911. The thing is when you call the fire department in this city, they bring EVERYONE. You can't really tell from the picture but there was like 6 or 7 fire trucks here, all for what? Well it turned out it was just film developing chemicals. A neighbor told this to the cops when they arrived and was harassed and told by midget cop that he'd put his foot up his ass. Nice.

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alive or dead?

Note: This is in no way product placement for Air Jordans. We endorse neither Nike inc. nor dead homeless people.

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This guy is a personal friend of mine and I swore I would do everything in my power to help him. This child is a real handful and he desperately needs help. Since he posted this video of desperation he's had over 60,000 views, numerous responses, and it's even been shown on television in Germany and Sweden. Alas, to no avail, this single dad has asked for help from TheBushwickDream.net If you're out there and see this, do the right thing.

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So I'm at work and I am about to go into the office, when something catches my eye. Semi-naked women. One of the guys at work left these on the prep table. All these two cards say is "delivery". Delivering what you ask? I have a sneaking suspicion that these "business cards" may or may not be selling sex. Hookers to be more specific. Either that or sexy women in bikini's deliver food or maybe weed. I don't want to get anyone in trouble so I have taken the justice of deleting some numbers.

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Okay so I was just surfin' the ol' net, and I came across this today. It's written by The Village Voice. It's a great article. It was written two summers ago. I suggest taking the time to read the whole thing. The Second Battle of Bushwick
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Just watch. I dare you to not laugh. Or cry. Either way, this is.....is.....well.....it's something.

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So I'm fucking around on craigslist today and what do I come across when I search for Bushwick? Some dude is handing out (hilarious) beatings to hipsters in Bushwick, free of charge, and he may or may not be framing innocent animals. He's started recently too, these are posts from 9/3/09 and 9/4/09. Check 'em out, watch your cello playing ass. End of story.
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Summer time blues got you down? No air conditioner? Out of Alpo? No worries, just go sit in that empty spot where the a/c should be and watch the cats and hipsters go by N 7th.

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Watch your ass, I just saw Handbanana making a break for it out of a house on Troutman. He was heading north on Knickerbocker chasing a fat, balding, middle aged man.

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Every year the people of Jefferson St between Knickerbocker and Irving get together to have a block party. It is a time for music, BBQing and kids running around like mad. Here is an in the round view.

Remember to scroll. Its a long photo.

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Recently the layout of this humble gallery has slightly changed and kitchen equipment has appeared in the back. Could it be a future juice bar? Seems so.

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Finally this summer has emerged from its lull and the heat is on. So what is one to do in an area in which the beaches suck and all the pools are crowded with the masses? Well, break open a fire hydrant and you have your own water park. And if a building catches fire and the FDNY can't get water pressure to their hoses, fuck 'em. I guess its going to burn.

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You tired of your trash running away? Stuff it all in a big steel cage; you know, the guantanamo bay treatment.

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You know how it goes. You live in a place with high crime. It is the city, what do you expect? Well the people at the New York Times has provided us with a very detailed map to illustrate the point. Take a look at where you live and spot the dots, HERE.
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If you ever chill near the Morgan stop you may be quite familiar with this guy. Typically shirtless, always quite over weight, this man likes to share his little hobby with the neighborhood. This remote control car of his is no ordinary toy mind you. Gas powered, fast as all hell, and buzzing like a massive insect on PCP, this thing tears down Bogart. Some consider him a menace, as the noise this thing makes is in fact loud. I hear that he has had the cops called on him before. Others like to watch and hope that eventually he will slip at the controls and run his little car under a vehicle. And then there are those who just ignore him and walk on their way in typical NYC fashion.

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This is the sign above the car wash on the corner of Flushing Ave and Knickerbocker Ave. There's so much wrong with this sign I'm not sure where to begin. Well, first, how many fucking apostrophes do you need? Jesus, I just realized someone probably paid for this too. You would assume that somewhere along the lines of ordering this beaut it would have crossed someone who spoke English better than a four year old Chinese immigrant with little to no knowledge of the language. Does the machine that makes these signs not have spell check? Does the person operating it hate his job, or just this specific car wash? Oh and see that "wow" in the background? I'm pretty sure that's the building actually saying "wow, what a shitty sign" to itself because they printed it like this on both sides.

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So we gathered once again. This time with the goal of watching Visioneers. It was a relatively low key night but have no doubts, fun was had. Where were you?

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This Saturday; the first day of August, we the fine people at The Bushwick Dream will be hosting our first movie screening. So whats on the menu? Why its the VISIONEERS, a new movie starring Zach Galifianakis(of G-Force fame). We are starting sometime around 8ish for some fine BBQing. At 9:30 or so we will be starting watching the aforementioned movie, and then well, we don't know yet but its sure to involve drinking and dammit, some fun. Do you wanna come? email us a thebushwickdream@gmail.com. yeah!
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Okay so we all know that Brooklyn's Natural, or "the snatch" as I prefer to call it is a rip off. Not because the same food, toiletries, animal food and whatnot is actually cheaper at Whole Foods, but they're charging more based on two things; 1) They kind of have a monopolistic stranglehold on the area, seeing as though they're the only ones open late and, well, they're the only ones, period. 2) They charge more because it's basically all organic. Well folks now you can just get shitty groceries with tons of chemical crap added because a giant independent study says ORGANIC DON'T MEAN SHIT! Read it here.
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Yes, it is true. You know those mundane little in-flight magazines they have on planes? Well British Airways has a version called "Highlife". In it they have an article highlighting bushwick, referring to it as a "time warp to a golden age of New York cool." Good god, I fear an eventual onslaught of gawking tourist.
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Well booze, of course!! Plus some other neat crap. And, a few other spots too!!! Wine like a baby!!!
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These dudes robbed a BP station at Bushwick and Troutman on 7/7 at 11pm. They are also suspected in robbing another place on Wilson ave. and Jefferson ave. on 6/26. Know em? The cops would love to know. Check out these morons on video. I don't know how why any of them wasn't chewing a piece of Bubblelicious to put over the lens. Also, no one at the Bushwickdream.net neither condones nor condemns the use of the NY Post, Toyota Prius, BP, the robbing of BP or theft in general. Don't get the wrong idea.
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So I just saw something so cool. I was sitting in a bar off the L train which will remain nameless. All I can say is it's steps from an L train exit. I was sipping my rum when two dapper looking fellas came in and sat next to me. It's about 1 AM and the larger of the two men gave me a smile that chilled me to my very core. The barkeep walked up and handed the smaller gentleman a leather messenger bag. I think it's zippers were locked together, but I can't be sure. Now, the smaller chap was about 5'10" and 250 lbs. He had a head the length of a rugby ball and the genral roundness of a regulation dart board. Unfortunately, I have already drank too much to come up with any good synonyms for the larger, hulkish man. However, I digress. After the exchange of the briefcase the larger man ordered two shots of what I believe, was Jameson. They promptly did their shots and were handed a brown paper bag. Also, the smaller man gave the bartender what looked like slips for sports betting. It was like something out of "Goodfellas." I feel more like a man for having witnessed it. Also, if you see this post and it offends anyone in "the family" please just leave a message next to my sleeping wife in the form of a severed horse head. I'll get it when I get home, I work late.
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It has already been mentioned right here but this is a reminder. This Friday you'll be expected to come to Tandem. You will be required to enjoy music as provided by B-rad, and drink. You like to drink, don't you?

Here is the flyer. Feel free to print it out and hand it out to friends and perfect strangers.

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Yep. It's 95% wrong and filled with racist comments. Can't believe I read this. Make sure you make it to page 2. We're neatly filed between bushwhore (a blind follower of George W Bush and his administration's policies) and Bushwick Bill (of The Gheto Boys).
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If you attended the 308 Forth of July roof party and you enjoyed the music you should come to Tandem this Friday. Our own DJ "Silver Fox" is at it once again. He has an awesome music library for your listening/dancing pleasure. I am pretty sure he takes requests as well.. So come hang out, - 236 Troutman - enjoy a few tasty cocktails, and dance your M-Effing A$$ off!!
by:emily  posted by:  filed:Neighborhood  07-20-09


Once again the masses gather on our rooftop thanks to the great people of 3R. Music, dancing, drinking and yes, some falling over. The roof didn't cave in, and though the cops stopped in front of the building, they didn't come in. All in all, a proper way to spend a Saturday.

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Today small envelopes appeared on the front doors of every residential building along Jefferson St near the Jefferson L stop. Written on each one, "To owner". Within each, a note offering cash for the property. One side in poor English. The other, poor Spanish. It was signed Sal. What are your intentions Sal?
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Hell no, he "doesn't do Brooklyn." Take a read you'll see what I'm talking about.

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As reported in an earlier post shown here, this feline has once again been spotted prowling in front of the Archive. I'm sure once again searching for a hipster with a sandwich that is susceptible to the power of cute. A friendly, clean and apparently well fed feline. Though he/she takes horrible pictures. Always blinking.

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If you are "intellectually stimulating, physically attractive..., considerate, love to cuddle, goal-orientated, respectful, giving, and loves to have FUN" you should definitely contact this cute girl. Just go HERE

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Gentrification is the "new fire."

by:angry dan  posted by:real dan  filed:Neighborhood  07-10-09

I think they may be all three. Read on..... $100 RENTALS IN BUSHWICK???
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I caught this cat hanging outside The Archive on Bogart street just mooching food from some dude who was eating a sammy. He said it wasn't his. If you see this cat, tell him your on to him and you're not playing "that" game.

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A hipster is smoking Bali Shag. Also, God is smiling on Barack Obama

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If there are any questions as to what to do with the forth of July. Take a roof. Add equal parts people, food, drink and smoke. Have a top notch dj. Set things on fire. Go wild. Take pictures. Out of the 500+ photos taken last night, here is a taste:

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That is right, a beauty pageant! TAKE A LOOK
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Who doesn't love free shit. For those of you in the area who act fast, Bushwick is offering a flat file, some film, vintage playboys and cardboard tubes. If you ask the guy he also has lots of scrap fabric to get rid of. Its slim pickings in terms of adult services. it seems that locally you would have to choose between a self proclaimed super sexy ebony beauty and, well, the shemale beauty. Ummmm....yeah.
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After a night of...lets say "rocking out" at Goodbye Blue Mondays , Greg; singer and guitarist for Maybe the Welders made us some quite enjoyable food on our roof. He provided the drinks also. This is how you spend a Sunday night.

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Remember people, those streets are dangerous, especially with this recent dark rainy weather. Not everyone gets struck by a car and comes away with just some scraps and bruises like this lucky bastard.

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